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DMR Clutch - Who are we?

All DMR clutches carry the support of and are extensively testing.

DMR Clutch is pleased to offer and provide the UK consumer with a unique opportunity to purchase products directly from the supplier. DMR clutches are only available online which allows DMR Clutch to provide what it believes to be outstanding value for money. You can’t buy a DMR clutch kit any other way.

As the name suggests, DMR clutches specialise in the development and marketing of Dual Mass Replacement (DMR) clutch kits. Each kit normally includes a solid flywheel to replace the OEM dual mass fitted to the vehicle and redesigned clutch cover assembly and clutch plate. In addition, installation components including clutch release bearing and mounting hardware are included and necessary (refer to individual product descriptions of kit content details).

The construction of each kit needs to be carefully considered when deciding how best to approach the design of each DMR clutch kit. It is not simply a matter of putting together something that fits. Using in-house engineers and testing equipment, each design is put through extensive testing for both fitment and durability.

This blend of expertise and experience provides DMR with a unique ability to offer a range of high quality systems with full technical support.